Colorado Coasties


We past and present Colorado members of the US Coast Guard wish to welcome you to our organization's official website.  Here you'll find who we are, what we are doing to preserve our traditions/memories of the service, and our projects and future plans.

Check our roster on the Members page to find our names and contact information to get in touch with us and talk about anything you would wish.  We're constantly searching for fellow USCG members everywhere who aren't aware of us and with whom we desire to renew acquaintances and meet up with those we may never have had an opportunity to share our stories and memories.

Visit the Events page often for meetings and get-togethers we hold and have plans for. The news page will keep you informed with fresh information on a variety of things important to us all. Our Projects page will fill you in on the goals we have in mind and provide you with timely snapshots of how we are doing.  Lastly, on the links page, I share the history of the Coast Guard.

The Calendar tab is not in use until I understand how to use it, sorry Dave Ruddy.  (His idea to add it)

Semper Paratus